Pavel Shaydo


I was born on a winter Friday in a small town near the White Sea. I studied in Saint-Petersburg State University. After graduation I returned to my home town and worked for some time at ship-building company as a network administrator. After a couple of years I realized that working for a company that builds nuclear submarines is a bad karma, so I left them and for six years worked as a lecturer in Institute of Information Technologies of Arkhangelsk State Technical University. That was a great job and I enjoyed it a lot, but in the end I developed desire to apply my skills and knowledge in practice more often than I could working in university, plus I was curious where all my students going to after graduation. Thus I became a software developer and moved first to Saint-Petersburg and then to Malaysia, Singapore, and finally Germany.

Professional Skills

Perl, Go and C developer. My main interest is designing and implementing systems that work with minimum downtime and always produce consistent results. I have good working knowledge of network protocols that build modern web, architecture of UNIX-like operating systems, principles of database design. I always try to create code with clear internals that is easy to follow, and consider myself quite good in designing simple and uncluttered APIs to access this code.



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